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Meet Analise Ortiz, Candidate fo the Arizona House of Representatives

Meet Analise

I'm Analise Ortiz. I'm a civil rights activist, a former journalist, and a Maryvale resident. My parents are both educators who taught their six kids that our communities are strongest when neighbors look out for each other. 

Growing up in Arizona, I recognized that many state leaders were not looking out for us. Our public school teachers had to dig into their own pockets to buy school supplies. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was tearing apart families with cruel, racist policies. Families were working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Relying on student loans, scholarships, and public transportation, I attended Arizona State University and earned a degree in journalism. As a journalist, I uncovered injustice happening in my community and I knew I could no longer just report on the issues–I had to start working to change them.

Today, I serve our community by fighting for changes to state laws so we can invest in public education, protect civil rights, and help hard-working people thrive. I currently serve as Vice Chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party Latino Outreach Committee. As a former campaign strategist with the American Civil Liberties Union, I've helped stop several bills that would have infringed upon our right to vote and our right to access reproductive healthcare. In 2021, I helped pass a bill into law to improve conditions for pregnant women in prison.

I am now an auntie to six kids growing up in Arizona. Our next generation is facing many challenges that demand bold and transformational leadership. That’s why I’m running for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 24 to represent Maryvale and Glendale. 


My strong record of advocating for positive change in our community has earned me the endorsements of Congressman Ruben Gallego, Sen. Martín Quezada, Rep. Richard Andrade, Rep. Judy Schwiebert, and Phoenix City Councilwoman Betty Guardado. I am also proud to be supported by the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona Nurses Association, Arizona Carpenters, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Arizona AFL-CIO, UFCW Local 99, AFSCME, the Communications Workers of America AZ State Council, Unite Here! Local 11, Living United for Change in Arizona, Working Families Party, Equality Arizona, Stonewall Democrats of Arizona, SMART Local 359,  the National Organization for Women Arizona,  Chispa Arizona, Sierra Club Arizona, Teamsters Local 104, AFSCME Local 2960, Arizona List, and Human Rights Campaign.

As a state representative, I will fight to invest in public schools, make housing affordable, advocate for a living wage for all, protect access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare, advocate for common-sense gun reform policies, conserve water and create green energy jobs, and make healthcare and childcare more affordable. 


I’m Analise Ortiz and I hope to earn your vote by Nov. 8, 2022.

Text or call me at 602-842-2407 with any questions.


The Issues

IMG_7931 (1)_edited.jpg

I will work to fully invest in K-12 public education, increase teacher and support staff pay, reduce classroom size, reduce the student-to-counselor ratio, and restore funding to Maricopa and Pima community colleges.

Invest in education

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Make housing affordable

I will advocate to strengthen tenants’ rights, limit how much landlords and investors can raise rent, invest in rental assistance and first-time homebuyer programs, and work with city leaders to push forward creative land-use solutions to provide more single-family and multi-family housing options.


Childcare and healthcare

I will advocate for more childcare subsidies for low-income families, to raise the eligibility income requirement for state assistance with childcare and healthcare, to provide more funding to grandparents raising their grandchildren, and to expand dental benefits through AHCCCS.


Protect civil rights

I will work to defeat voter suppression laws, defend LGBTQ+ Arizonans, protect access to reproductive healthcare, address racial inequality, advocate for the rights of immigrants, and work to hold law enforcement accountable for racial profiling or violence against people of color.

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I will support small business owners, protect workers’ rights to organize in the workplace, advocate for paid leave for all, support workforce development programs, and create more clean energy and water conservation jobs.

Jobs and the economy